The Foundation Release

The rewrite of the expanders and core NS infrastructure has been a significant undertaking. Therefore, releasing and distributing this 4.0 or Foundation Release must be performed in a very careful way. Moreover, we want to seize this opportunity to establish a proven capability to create releases, and to push them all the way through to acceptance by our customers in a fast and reliable way. In order to establish this, we will perform the following minor releases.

Name Timing Version Description
Baseline End of May 2019 4.0.0 Complete and packaged internal release.
First external Mid June 2019 4.0.1 Low hanging fruit, first release to customers.
First upgrade Summer 2019 4.0.2 One additional feature, test release pipeline.

An important step after the baseline, and before the first external release, is performing the diff-tool on a large scale, i.e., on several large and representative applications of customers.

Concerning the low hanging fruit of 4.0.1, the following minor features are being looked into.

  • Proper indentations, which has been introduced as part of the rewrite. (DONE)
  • Functional key, which was part of the 1806 release, and has been included in the rewrite. (DONE)
  • Fix to allow the usage of DateLong attributes in commands. (DONE)
  • Bug fix for Projector.toData, currently an issue for Ln02 relationships.
  • Fix errors occurring when a task has no implementation (no hasDelegation).
  • Introduce an attribute fromAddress in the notification component.
  • The introduction of a SE (strictly equals) operator for strings, as an alternative for the LIKE operator.
  • OPTIONAL: the introduction of a between range operator on a single field for finders.

The purpose of the 4.0.2 release is to validate the process of creating a release, testing and packaging it, and getting it accepted by the external customer(s). Currently, the introduction of the following feature is planned for this release.

  • Enabling the creation of a tunnel or pipeline to relay various business methods from the view directly to the logic layer.

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