Rework 2019

Release 2019.5 contains a rework of the expander framework. The features of the expanders have been kept the same as the previous versions. The biggest changes will be in the use and extension of the expansion.


Nexus Downloads

Download latest version of Prime Radiant: 2019.5 latest Download all-in-one NSF installation: --TODO all-in-one link--


Library Version
primeRadiant 2019.5.3
elements 2019.5.2
elements-io (backup version) 2019.1.1
nsx-runtime 2019.5.0
nsx-libraries 2019.5.0
nsx-prime 2019.5.2
baseComponents 2019.5.1
webStyles 2019.5.2

elements-io has been replaced by elements-ioxml, which is packaged together with the nsx-prime-*-jar-with-dependencies jar

Improvements in Expanders

There might be some small variations/improvements to the previous versions:

  • option hasTranslation now works for name field and findByNameEq finder
  • option hasTranslation on field will be used for the translation of the corresponding finders
  • the translation properties for the English translation will now contain correct English translations
  • the pom.xml files of different layers may contain new source and resource directories to be more consistent with the ANT build
  • no*Layer options are now correctly applied, mainly when added as component options. If any artifacts are missing, check for options.
  • the classes in the client layer have been changed to allow version transparency between changes of a dataElement

NOTE: The following changes might impact your expansion:

  • The order of harvested anchors may change. Therefore it is best to harvest and commit these changes before making any functional changes. For more information, see harvest sorting.
  • The expansion from the PR will now take the CustomRepository of your components in account when expanding the application. Which means that if this repository is different from the customRepository of the applicationInstance, the expanders might be looking in the wrong harvest directories. To fix this, make sure that there is only one directory named after the component in all used source bases.

Expanders API

look at external-expanders.example for an example of how to set up an expanders project

Expanders 4.0.1

  • DataElements can define the option functionalKey.
  • A bug has been fixed where a Ln02 link field could not be set to null. This fix can be disabled with the application instance option disableFixNullableLn02.
  • In previous versions, if a linkfield was set in the Cruds-class, any failure to find the linked instance would be ignored and the link would not be said. The setters have now been made stricter and will throw an exception should this occur. In order to avoid this behavior, use the application instance option disableStrictLinkMode.

    This will prevent the cruds layer from silently ignoring incorrect link fields during an import.

  • The flow option setBatchFinder will allow you to modify the finder used to find the next batch in your EngineBean.

  • Finders can now use the Se (strictly equals) operator. In this case, only the = operator will be used in JPA and not, in case of a String, the LIKE operator.

    The Se operator can be used to e.g. findByStatusSe, which can then be used in the setBatchFinder option to avoid using a slow LIKE operator in your engineBean.


  • Fixed issues with Service Element Expanders
  • Fixed noDataLayer option being ignored
  • Fixed issues with full import of a new application
  • Restored names of enums for DataState to be backwards compatible with some edge cases


  • Fixed nullPointerException in functionalKey dataRef to string method
  • Fixed issue with ValueFieldTypes in validators.xml
  • Added missing dynamic DEPLOYMENT_NAME in ComponentMetaData for modern application servers


  • Fixed issues with fields with type CALCULATED_FIELD in ListHtmlExpander and InstanceViewHtmlExpander (UI2)


  • Fixed issues with component-level overlay
  • Fixed issues with combination nameNotWanted + hasDisplayName not showing any names
  • Fixed target path of the *-io-page-model.js file

Expanders 4.0.2

  • ExpansionOptions excludeExpanders, excludeFeatures and excludeExpansionSteps to exclude expanders etc. from running.
  • ExpansionOptions includeExpanders to select specific expanders to run.
  • ExpansionOption hideAnchors to hide all non-custom anchors
  • AdditionalExpansionSteps can introduce new jobs to the ExpansionJobManager to make external expansionRunner possible

Expansion Diff Tooling

To compare the differences with the previous expansion, the expansion-normalizer tool can be used (see Expansion Diff Tooling). This will remove non-functional variations from the expanded files to better expose the differences.

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